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"We are thrilled to have sold our manufacturing business in the throws of a down turned economy!  We are fortunate to have hired Bill Laux who found us the perfect buyer for our specialty business.  We had many challenges to overcome through this process and Bill was always there to take our numerous calls, listen to our problems, and work out a solution.


Bill worked with us for an extended period of time to find us that perfect buyer and close the deal.  Heather Cook was wonderful to work with as well and was always on top of everything.


Thanks to Laux & Company we've got the money in the bank and are now able to move on to our next venture.  Thanks Bill and Heather!"

Jan Sorige, Owner

Hawthorne Wire, Ltd.

"After meeting with two investment banking firms, it was obvious that Laux & Company was the firm we wanted to work with. We also checked with one of Laux's former clients, who happens to be a personal friend, who gave Bill very high marks.


At all times Bill was there constantly following up, giving advice, and making sure we did our part in providing any information requested by potential buyers during all phases of the transaction.


Bill Laux is the consummate professional supported by Heather Cook, another outstanding professional, who heads up the back room operations and works hand in hand with Bill to ensure that everything runs smoothly from beginning to end."

Richey Smith, President & Owner

Richey Industries, Inc.

"When it came time to divest of my businesses, I researched a number of Investment Bankers. After the interview process, I chose Laux & Company because it exhibited the professionalism that I was seeking.


Throughout the entire sale process, Bill Laux provided the guidance necessary to properly exhibit the attributes of the operations. Potential suitors were provided with accurately prepared information in an expedient manner. Bill has the ability to respond quickly and to work well with all parties involved.


I was most impressed by the fact that Bill was always available to discuss matters and provide guidance and documentation when needed. I always felt that my issues came first. The selling of a business brings with it many complications; and if I were to do it again, Laux & Company would be the company I would select for assistance.”

Frank J. Glinski, CEO

G. S. Industries of Bassett, Inc.

“We worked with Bill for a long time to find the ideal buyers for our business and he was always the most ethical and professional person we have ever dealt with.  In addition, he was sensitive to our feelings and needs and always, always our advocate. Bill's staff is professional and warm and we have enjoyed working with them.  Selling a business could never be easy, but Bill and his group made it enjoyable!” 

John and Karen Kuebel

North Canton Plastics, Inc.

“Bill Laux did a great job bringing his expertise and reputation to work for the sale of our family-owned business.  He is an expert on the process of identifying, cultivating, and selecting the right suitors for a transaction, which enabled us to transition our business successfully to terrific new owners.”

Mac Harmon, President

Progress Wire Products, Inc.

“For the second time in less than a year, Bill Laux and his team of professionals successfully led us through the sale of our multiple privately held businesses.  In this case we were dealing with geographically separated operations as well as companies that had different ownership compositions.  Bill and his team provided expert counseling on how to structure the deal and worked closely with us as we negotiated our way through the complexities of the sale.  Hats off to Laux & Company for paving the way to a successful conclusion!”

Bill Primrose, President

Primrose, Inc.

“The marketing and sale of Independent Steel Company proceeded as planned up until we reached the point of closing, at which point Bill Laux displayed his true value.  The buyer had performed an exceptionally detailed due diligence and attempted to use certain discoveries as a way to decrease the agreed upon selling price.  The originally targeted closing date slipped past as we sought ways to justify the value of the assets; it appeared that the entire deal was going to slip away.  Never asking us to relinquish our position, Bill worked skillfully at this time, displaying great creativity in order to bring both parties to a mutual understanding and a final agreement.  You can work for months to structure and promote a deal, but if you can’t close, what do you have?  Thanks Bill, for helping us carry this to a successful conclusion!”

Bill Primrose, President

Independent Steel Company

Shareholders & Directors

“Bill Laux, of Laux & Company, was of invaluable service in helping us sell our Dip Molding Division. Having never sold a company or division previously, we relied extensively on Bill’s knowledge and guidance throughout the process. He accurately described the key phases of the transaction and everything unfolded almost exactly as he predicted. I particularly appreciated his ability to keep the process moving according to his established timetable. We were able to complete the entire process, from soup to nuts, in less than 6 months time.
With Bill’s help, we were able to get a significant premium for the business over our initial targeted price. It was a real advantage having someone with his experience handling the key negotiations with the prospective buyers.
I would enthusiastically recommend Bill and Laux & Company to anyone wishing to sell all or a portion of their business.”

F. William Steere, President & CEO

Steere Enterprises Inc.

“We recently completed a purchase transaction wherein Management, in conjunction with Centerfield Capital of Indianapolis, completed the acquisition of Bil-Jax, Inc. from the former shareholder, plettac AG, who was in bankruptcy.  This project was unique in that the shareholder was in bankruptcy and was being managed by a German bankruptcy trustee.  Also, earnings at Bil-Jax were in decline and had been for the last two years.  The entire capital structure needed to be restructured, and the “time window” was very short due to the pending liquidation status of the German trustee.  Management goals were clear.  We needed to act very quickly.  We needed the leadership of an Investment Banker who would commit to being directly involved in the project from start to finish.  We found that in Bill Laux.


In early August, we selected Bill Laux based on his experience, his understanding of the unique characteristics of this deal, and his commitment to our timeframe.  Bill immediately assembled his team, and within a very short period of time, the process of interviewing investor candidates began.  Four weeks from the start of the project, we secured eight prospective offerings.  Mr. Laux then assisted Management in reviewing, verifying, and selecting the best partners for Management and Bil-Jax’s future vision.


Throughout the process, Bill was extremely attentive to our needs.  He was literally available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.  What was particularly notable was his ability to submerge himself and Laux & Company in Bil-Jax and our industry, and within a very short period of time, delivered results.


I find Bill to be extremely professional as well as likeable.  I would recommend Bill Laux to any individual or management team looking to secure new equity and/or mezzanine financing and/or a complete capital restructure.  Bill’s knowledge and guidance was invaluable.”

Jeff Ott, President & CEO

Bil-Jax, Inc.

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